6 April at 19 Pärnu Concert Hall
In collaboration with soloists and bands from Pärnu
Conductor Riivo Jõgi
The programme includes popular music, arrangements by Indrek Palu, Rasmus Puur, Andrus Rannaääre, Tõnis Kõrvits, Riivo Jõgi, Mati Põdra and Ülo Krigul.
A colourful programme of popular music with the Pärnu City Orchestra and beloved soloists and bands takes place for the second time. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and create memorable moments together. Let’s celebrate Pärnu Day together!
Pärnu City Orchestra was founded in 1994 and this year celebrates its 30th anniversary season, as it keeps classical music in the heart of the resort town. 
The only professional symphony orchestra in West-Estonia has developed and enriched the local cultural life and Estonian music culture in general, offering high quality musical experiences to the summer capital, the whole of Estonia and international audiences. 
Pärnu City Orchestra has collaborated with several prestigious festivals, performed with internationally renowned conductors and soloists as well as young up-and-coming talent, creating unforgettable musical experiences.
The orchestra’s mission is to find young musicians and offer them the opportunity to perform with a professional ensemble, and to encourage them in their career choice.
The multifaceted and creative seasons with music from many genres have offered many performances at Pärnu’s traditional events, various musical productions, and operas. In addition, many Estonian compositions have been recorded, valuing the works of domestic authors.
The orchestra’s performances have found their way onto recordings and film soundtracks, providing experiences on cinema screens and in the homes of music lovers alike. We value the creation of brilliant music and create joy with timeless music.
During the jubilee season, you are invited to experience the magic of music and discover new worlds of sound with the Pärnu City Orchestra.

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