SATURDAY 28 January 2023

at 19 PM
Pärnu Concert Hall

Conductor Mikk Murdvee
Soloist Triin Ruubel (violin), Nikolai Shugajev (cello)

Programme Violin Concerto, Cello Concerto and Symphony No 6.

Mihkel Kerem is one of the most prolific Estonian composers. Despite being just 41, his list of works is extensive. It includes 8 symphonies, a large number of orchestral works, two instrumental concertos, 10 string quartets and a large number of other chamber works.
The Violin Concerto is Mihkel Kerem’s first major instrumental concerto. Its premiere took place on 28 February 2019 in Pärnu, soloist Triin Ruubel, conductor Mikk Murdvee.
The Cello Concerto will be premiered at a concert on 28 January 2023 in Pärnu, at the end of the recording period (24–28 January 2023). The soloist will be Willem Stam, conductor Mikk Murdvee. Mihkel Kerem’s Symphony No. 6 was premiered on 10 April 2021 in Kislovodsk, Russia. Presented by the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the North Caucasus V.I. Safonov Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Nikolai Shugayev. Among Kerem’s symphonies, Symphony No. 6 is the only one that uses an orchestra that is close to the main ensemble of the Pärnu City Orchestra, the others would require a much larger collective.

The Pärnu City Orchestra connects these pieces, as two of the three works have been or will be premiered by the Pärnu City Orchestra.

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